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Crayton Cove . . . the Original Old Naples!
Crayton Cove earns its moniker as the "original Old Naples." It is home to the original boat landing where supplies were brought to the fledgling town of Naples, and also home to Naples City Dock, where one experiences the seafaring life that defined historic Naples. The first businesses located here were involved in fishing and fish processing and some of the buildings still remain.

Today, the waterside Crayton Cove neighborhood still exudes a creative and pioneering spirit.  It is a
village-style destination where one finds visual artists, culinary artists, enterprising merchants and innkeepers, seafaring adventurers, fishermen, and sailors. Crayton Cove's businesses cluster 'round the intersection of 8th Street South and 12th Avenue South, and on roads that lead to Naples City Dock and Naples Bay. The Cove Inn, the neighborhood's historic hotel, and the venerable Dock Restaurant, are both located directly on the shore of Naples Bay and serve as landmarks for those approaching Crayton Cove by water.

Although covering a smaller area than its downtown neighbors, 5th Avenue South and Third Street South, Crayton Cove retains the flavor of the original Old Naples, with several historic buildings reflecting a bygone era not seen elsewhere in the city. Four renowned, independently-owned and operated restaurants flank the area, ranging from gourmet and country French to seafood on the water, an old-fashioned cafe, and the inimitable pizza place. Six artist studios and galleries supply a wide variety of work and feature an “Art After Dark” studio walk on the second Saturday of the month during the Naples "season."

For unique nautical gifts and accessories, visit the Naples Ships Store, one of the country's leading independently-owned purveyors of rare and unusual icons of the seafaring life. Sweet Liberty, a large catamaran, stands by for glorious sailing adventures, or, one can indulge a group of friends or colleagues with a chartered boat from Sailboats Unlimited. Boat slips at the Naples City Dock await the visiting craft that makes Naples a yacht-friendly community. Naples City Dock is also the home of Naples’ largest and most historic charter fishing and sailing fleet.

Crayton Cove is the site of Naples' famous Great Dock Canoe Race, which marks the end of “season” with hilarity and some serious canoeing. Many additional activities are being planned for year round fun at this wonderful destination.

Crayton Cove offers the authentic Naples experience that visitors crave. It is a place where history and culture converge; where the creative spirit blooms on Naples Bay.

If you are visiting Naples for the first time in a long time, Crayton Cove will remind you of what you miss about Naples. It may be the reason you keep coming back.