Bleu Provence

Welcome to Bleu Provence French restaurant, where elegance and hospitality are one and the marriage of wine and food is a delight.

Jacques and Lysielle Cariot opened Bleu Provence, French restaurant, as a labor of love in 1999 after retiring to Naples, Florida, from Provence, France. They count their patrons more as welcome guests than customers, and you will see that expressed not only in the wine selection and menu, but also in the level of service you will receive at Bleu Provence.

The servers are well versed in the menu, and will be happy to discuss selections with you. As well, Jacques will gladly make wine suggestions based upon your meal. He travels to wineries around the world each year and returns with the best wine selection possible and the history of each one to share with interested patrons. The Cave is home to more than 20,000 bottles, representing more than 1700 different wines. They are all beautiful representations of their terroirs, including some brilliant wines that are surprisingly inexpensive.

Jacques and Lysielle take no less trouble selecting the ingredients for the restaurant’s menu. They sample meats and cheeses, olives, herbs, mushrooms and a host of other ingredients from every source available to find and procure the finest quality. Fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered daily from local sources, and Chef Lysielle is a master and combining all of it to create beautiful and delicious dishes.

Jacques and Lysielle invite you to join them soon at Bleu Provence, French restaurant, for an elegant and relaxing evening. Though walk in customers are most welcome, it is recommend that you call ahead to make reservations. Because of the influx of visitors to Naples, Florida, between November and May, reservations are a must during that time.